Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alaska Ride 2011: coming down

I'll be back in the USA by late morning. And while I'm happy to be heading for home, I'm also sorry to be leaving Western Canada. I have never flown to Alaska, so the transition is much less abrupt, sort of a weaning from the mountains and foot hills in Alaska, the Yukon and BC, to the Prairie Provinces of AB and SK. And the process takes a week while riding, as opposed to hours by plane. But as one friend remarked, there is a bit of a let down; it just takes longer to hit on a bike.

I have much to say about the last few weeks journey, and plan on putting some of it in this blog. The ride down from Deadhorse is one of those moments.What I felt crossing Atigun pass the for the first time is another I shot over 1500 pictures, and some are pretty good! The capabilities  of modern photographic equipment are amazing. Some of those pictures will be here also. .

The ride has been a great success thus far. I've learned a lot about Alaska, Western Canada, and myself.I thank everyone who took me up on my offer of grabbing the bars and riding along with. I hope I have done justice to the ride, and you have felt a part.

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