Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alaska Ride 2011: things that get my attention

Most of the pictures I post on this ride will be things that grab my attention. On the last ride it was a 68 Mustang with California  plates at Mile 710 in the Yukon. Today, it was a 50 Pontiac at Toad River. Driven to and from Alaska from his home in Edmonton AB by the owner, who also expertly restored the classic, it definitely was an eye catcher. Equipped with a 266 cubic inch flat-head straight-eight, it had no reported issues in the several thousand miles already under it's belt. I have the owner's contact info, and more details will be posted when time allows.

Today's ride covered 384 miles, with a bit of construction, and a lot of pictures . I passed the campers in the picture  half-a-dozen times. The Strom is performing well, and I feel that I am in a unique position to offer an evaluation of it versus the Bandit 1250 on the Alaska Highway. After all, the controls are there; same road, rider, luggage and year bikes. It should be interesting, and will also be done as time allows. Suffice to say, the Bandit wins in the power department, and the Strom is king on the gravel, just what will be needed on the Dalton. Stay tuned.

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