Link to my Rider Magazine story “Arkansas Getaway”

View fromTalimena Drive, looking north at the Ouachita National Forest.
Mount Magazine Scenic Byway
Pig Trail yard art

Well, the semester at PNC is done and it’s time to attend to this long-neglected blog. I figured a good place to start was with a link to my latest Rider article from the May 2016 issue. The story ran pretty much as submitted. They did delete a favorite part about using my Indiana gun permit in lieu of my misplaced driver’s license when I got stopped for speeding. The officer was cool; let me go with a warning to slow down. I followed his advice, but it reminds me of an emerging pattern with my Rider pieces. In three of the articles that referenced interactions with law enforcement, all were either struck or re-worded. Hmmm, maybe the editor is trying to tell me something.

The other thing is the print version had twenty pictures while the web site only carries half as many. This was the case with my previous five stories as well. Kind of weird since paper and ink cost actual dollars and the internet is just code hanging in cyber-space. I won’t lose sleep over it, but I’ve included a few  shots that didn’t even make the magazine.

Turner Bend on the Pig Trail
Yours truly at Mount Nebo’s hang gliding “launch pad.” Lake Dardanelle and Arkansas Nuclear One in the back ground.




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